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About Erik (full bio)

For years I’ve been involved in our community’s school, civic and business life. My wife Renee and I have lived in the Lyon Park neighborhood for the past 21 years where we are raising our three daughters, each of whom attends Arlington Public Schools.  As a small business owner, Chair of the Planning Commission, and volunteer of Doorways for Women and Families, I’ve come to understand and value the different perspectives Arlingtonians have about their County and our government. These experiences have prepared me well to serve on the Arlington County Board.

    Thank You to My Public Supporters!

    Current & Former Public Officials: Barbara Favola♦Alfonso Lopez♦Rip Sullivan♦Jay Fisette♦Paul Ferguson♦Mary Hynes♦John Milliken♦Mary Margaret Whipple♦Walter Tejada♦Joe Wholey♦Chris Zimmerman♦Elaine Furlow♦Ed Fendley♦Margaret Lampe♦Michael Timpane♦Richard Barton♦Bob Brink♦Karen Darner♦Sharon Davis♦Ed Holland

    Arlington County Planning Commissioners: Rosemary Ciotti ♦Steve Cole♦Christopher Forinash♦Judy Freshman♦ Elizabeth Gearin♦Brian Harner♦Stephen Hughes♦Nancy Iacomini♦Tom Korns♦Jim Lantelme♦Inta Malis♦Joan K. McDermott♦Kathleen McSweeney♦Karen Kumm Morris♦Ted Saks♦Terry Savela♦James Schroll♦Jane Siegel ♦Steve Stockwell

    Public Supporters: Gretchen Allin♦Lander Allin♦Dean Amel♦Bill Anhut♦Joan Arsenault♦Sharon Baghdadi♦Jim Balick♦MiriamBalutis♦Ellen Bartlett♦Jean Barton♦Jean-Louise Beard♦Sarah Beaton♦William Beaton♦Bonnie Beckett♦Jane Bergen♦Lester Bergen♦Bill Berlin♦Hillary Berlin♦Howard Bierman♦Patrick Bogenberger♦Bill Braswell♦Laura Browning♦Dennis Bruns♦Julia Bruns♦Mark Buchholz♦Nancy Buchholz♦Elizabeth Burke♦John Burke♦Bettina Callaway♦Sue Carruthers♦Elisabeth Casey♦Sylvia Chou♦Christy Cole♦Stacy Collins♦Kristen Colston♦Petey Coutts-Long♦Ellie  Cunanan♦Karen Dadey♦Patricia Darnella♦Sharon Davis♦Virginia DeMarce♦Mary Detweiler♦Grant Doe♦Trige Ealey♦Laura Saul Edwards♦Nancy Etkin♦Moley Evans♦Jim Feaster♦Judy Freshman♦William Fuchs, Jr. ♦Joe Furgal♦Mary Jo Furgal♦Nancy Garb♦Suzanne Garwood♦Marilyn Geary♦Angie Gentile♦John Grant♦Gregory Greeley♦Madi Green♦Karla  Hagan♦Peter Hage♦Mike  Hall♦Natalie Hall♦Polly Hall♦Mike Hanna♦Shana Harbour♦Annie Harold♦Eric Harold♦Gail  Harrison♦Mileva Hartman♦Susan Hennessy♦George Hobart♦Marjorie Hobart♦Patrick  Hogan♦Peg Hogan♦Jerome Hoganson♦Bernard Hyde, Jr.♦Catherine Ingold♦Tom Ingold♦Beth Jackson♦Lawrence Jackson♦Chips Johnson♦Herschel Kanter♦Takis Karantonis♦Stan Karson♦Bob Kenney♦Joan Killingsworth♦Cynthia King♦Kari Klaus♦Kate Koppy♦Tom Korns♦Gerry LaPorte♦Susan Lechner♦Paige Libberton♦Sam Libberton♦Sean Libberton♦Jerry Long♦Leah Maderal♦Derick Malis♦Rosalind Mathern♦Kate McCauley♦Joan McDermott♦Sue McIlhenney♦Sarah McKinley♦Kopp Michelotti♦Linda Mizzi♦Theo Moll♦Karen Monaco♦Jarrod Nagurka♦Marie Van Ness♦Ian Nicholson♦Rosie O'Neil♦Robert Orttung♦Leo Pei♦Joe Pelton♦Nicholas Penning♦Tom Petty♦Wanda  Pierce♦Lyle Piper♦Joan Porte♦Terri Prell♦Michael Raizen♦Linda Renzi♦Richard Robinson♦Sue Robinson♦Mary Rouleau♦Gabriel Rubalcava♦Jason Rylander♦Ted Saks♦Christine Schaubauch♦Andrew Schneider♦James Schroll♦Richard Schumann♦Marlene Schwartz♦Max Scruggs♦John Seymour♦Michael Shea♦Christopher Slatt♦John Snyder♦Alex Soroko♦Arlene Spinelli♦Effie Stallsmith♦Pamela Stapleton♦Stu Stein♦Steve Stockwell♦Nancy Striniste♦Randy Swart♦Becky Thomas♦Evan Thomas♦Mark Treadaway♦Maria Van Order♦Symone Walker♦Martha Ware♦James Webster♦Karen Webster♦Jessica West♦Midge Wholey♦Brian Williams♦Jeanne Williams♦Edie Wilson♦Jim Wylde


    Bold Ideas for the Future

    I am listening carefully to your concerns, hopes and ideas and what I've learned is reinforcing my passion to serve this community.  Our values shouldn't change but our solutions have to!  I invite you to join me in this campaign to bring our shared progressive values to bear on creating a strong collective future.  To ensure Arlington thrives in these challenging times, I'm focused on developing real solutions to our school capacity crisis, ensuring smarter growth, and bringing a hyper-focus to diversifying our economy.

    It's time for innovative solutions - doing things differently, and doing different things!


    As a County Board member, I will:

    • Plan for school and community needs.   I will collaborate with the School Board to squeeze the most out of our limited space and dollars. Together with the new Joint Facilities Advisory Commission (JFAC), a citizen-led County-Schools effort that I successfully lobbied for last year, I will develop creative solutions like reimagining a vacant office building as a school on the lower floors and a senior center above.
    • Create neighborhood-scale "Missing Middle" housing along our transportation corridors.  It's time for smarter growth policies to create appealing homes that fit the budgets of young families starting out, empty nesters, and everyone in between.  I will use my planning and zoning to keep the middle-class from getting priced out of Arlington.
    • Invest in our shared prosperity.   I will focus on Arlington's entrepreneurs and innovators, helping them grow to build an economy for all.  With a thriving, diversified economy freed from dependence on the federal sector, I will use my small business fiscal discipline to make strategic investments while keeping taxes low.  Arlington's great Progressive success story can't continue without a solid thriving middle class.