Democratic County Board Candidate Erik Gutshall Deeply Concerned with New Gun Store Opening in Lyon Park

February 25, 2016

Arlington, VA- Democratic County Board candidate Erik Gutshall expressed unease today about a new gun store opening in the Lyon Park neighborhood and called on neighborhood residents and businesses to come together to address shared concerns.

“Residents, working with County staff, need to speak with NOVA Armory owners and gain strong assurance that the highest safety and security standards will be met every hour of every day. “While this is a legitimate business, it is vital to ensure that we keep our residents and children safe,” Gutshall said.

Gutshall also spoke of the need for both business owners and County government to work closely together to guarantee guns do not fall into the wrong hands.

“Gun violence traced to a firearm purchased in Arlington County is simply and completely unacceptable.” said Gutshall. “It is our responsibility to ensure Arlington County and the gun shop exceed all reasonable standards when it comes to gun sales.”

Gutshall noted the lack of gun safety regulations in Virginia and the potential harm that could come from pro-gun laws and sales by the new establishment.

“Virginia has a history of relaxed gun laws and few safeguards to protect children and responsible adults,” Gutshall said. “I laud Attorney General Mark Herring for his recent efforts to ensure all Virginians are safe and to prevent those who should not have guns from owning them. I urge the Virginia General Assembly and Senate to work together to enact a comprehensive gun safety law.”

He made clear he recognizes NOVA Armory as a legitimate business and the right of an individual to own a gun, but he emphasizes the need for greater gun safety efforts.

Gutshall is running in the Democratic Primary for County Board on June 14. To learn more about Erik, visit his website:



Contact: Ian Redman