Gutshall Congratulates Garvey on Victory


Arlington, VA-- Tonight, Erik Gutshall conceded in the Democratic Primary for Arlington County Board and congratulated Libby Garvey on her victory. The following is a statement from Erik Gutshall:

"I want to congratulate Libby Garvey and her supporters for their victory. This was a hard-fought campaign, and Arlington is stronger because of it. While Libby Garvey and I had some differences, it's always been clear that Chairwoman Garvey loves this community, and my family and I are grateful for her nearly 20 years of service to Arlington.

"Campaigns are about a battle of ideas where we outline our visions for the future. Though we didn't always agree on how to achieve Arlington's full potential, I look forward to continuing to work with Libby to address our rising school enrollment, improve our transportation network, revitalize our commercial sector, and ensure our community preserves its diversity by allowing families of all incomes the ability to live here.

"Because we share these overarching goals, tonight I endorse Libby Garvey for County Board and look forward to voting for her in November. Now that the primary is over, it's important that we come together as Democrats to ensure we keep Arlington blue, from the White House to the School House. I look forward to working to elect Democrats in the fall, and to continuing to serve the community I love so dearly on the Planning Commission.

"Last but not least, I want to thank my family, friends, and supporters for their generosity throughout this campaign, and the thousands of voters who placed their faith in me today with their votes. When I announced in January, never did I imagine I'd meet so many people and make so many lasting friends. I will never forget the kindness and trust shown to me by so many."