Arlington is a great progressive success story, but we’re at a turning point.  With my deep civic commitment and entrepreneurial success, I know how to get things done.  I will be a voice on the County Board with the right experience to connect the dots and champion innovative solutions that address school capacity, keep Arlington affordable, and ensure our long-term prosperity.  Our values shouldn't change, but our solutions have to.

Planning for School and Community Needs

Schools, Parks and Facilities: Building Blocks for Community [Full Statement

As an engaged parent with three girls in Arlington public schools, supporting our schools is my top priority.  As a Planning Commissioner, I know it’s essential for the County Board to collaborate with the School Board to squeeze the most out of our limited land and dollars.  We need a 20-yr comprehensive plan that lays out for the entire community a complete picture of how all of our school and community facilities like fire stations, parks, and senior centers will fit together.  Instead of bouncing from one isolated and divisive decision to the next, all interests can see how a particular site fits into a total and equitable county-wide solution.

Potential 4th High School  [Full Statement]

With three daughters who will be in high school from 2018 - 2027, I am 100% committed to finding the space that our students need and working together with the School Board and the JFAC to explore every county property, every school property, every land deal, every commercial property, every possible opportunity to find the solutions we need.   

Parks for Everyone [Full Statement

The fair and equitable sharing of Arlington’s parks should be a key component of our planning for Arlington’s future. 

Creating an Economy that Works for All

Focus on Innovators and Entrepreneurs [Full Statement

As the only County Board member with direct entrepreneurial experience who pays both commercial and residential taxes, I'll bring a sharper focus to Arlington's small businesses, the heart and soul of our community, who make up 50% of our commercial tax base. Our economic development strategy should leverage the economic value to Arlington of large corporations as we help our innovators and entrepreneurs grow and diversify our economy.  

"Get to Yes" Culture of County Government [Full Statement

Necessary regulations, rules, and procedures derive from the best of intentions, but if promulgated without careful attention to the true mission can result in degraded customer service.  Arlingtonians deserve a "Get to Yes" customer service culture from our County government so that residents and businesses get straightforward, consistent, accountable, and accurate service.  ​

Focusing on the Future of Columbia Pike [Full Statement

We must unlock the potential of each of our commercial corridors, and Columbia Pike represents enormous untapped potential. Reinvigorating the Columbia Pike Plan will be a top priority. The community vision of Columbia Pike as Arlington’s “Main Street” is languishing for lack of action. We need leadership on the Board to bring the focus and resources needed to make the future of the Pike a priority.

Keeping Arlington Affordable

Arlington's Missing Middle [Full Statement

The Missing Middle describes modestly scaled lofts, flats, apartments, condominiums, and townhouses along transportation corridors, designed to preserve neighborhood character. Such buildings can fit into the edges of single-family neighborhoods and along commercial streets, with ground floor retail and restaurants to serve adjacent homes. Arlington can modernize our Zoning Ordinance to use market forces to diversify our housing supply and respond to modern day needs of citizens young and old.

Affordable Housing Master Plan - a Toolkit [Full Statement]

Like many, Renee and I could not afford our house today.  Housing affordability is critical to ensuring Arlington's economic diversity, essential to progressive community.  For employers, non-profits, parents, and seniors wanting to remain in the community, this is a critical issue that will define the very character of Arlington into the future.  I will tirelessly support the goals of the 2015 Affordable Housing Master Plan to make sure Arlington is within every family's reach.  

Liveability for All Ages, Especially Older Adults [Full Statement

Creating a healthy community calls for an Arlington that is more livable for all ages.  We need to be especially responsive to the evolving needs of older adults.  After many years, my mom and many of her friends had to ask themselves: “Must I leave my home in order to make ends meet?” Watching my mom struggle to stay in her home inspired me to launch my home maintenance business.

​Building a 21st Century Transportation Network

Transportation: Metro and Beyond [Full Statement

As a former member of the Transportation Commission, I will work to secure a regional solution to Metro’s funding needs that guarantees the cost of fixing and maintaining the Metro system does not fall disproportionately on Arlington residents and insist on a well thought-out management plan that clearly shows our investment dollars are being used wisely.

While fixing Metro must be our first priority, it alone will not meet the transportation challenges of tomorrow.   I support investing in a 21st Century transportation network - one that gives YOU and your neighbors the broadest range of choices possible as you move around and beyond Arlington. 

Cycling [Full Statement

Arlington has been a leader in this region at making cycling a transportation option for so many. Encouraging cycling can help Arlington face many of its current challenges--Metro closures, growing population without additional space for roads, growing school population, need to attract business, and constrained County budgets. It is time for Arlington to make this investment.

Putting Progressive Values into Action

Our Immigrant Neighbors [Full Statement

Our diversity has helped make Arlington the great place it is today.  We're going to have to continue to work on keeping Arlington affordable, on smarter growth, and on economic opportunity  to ensure our community remains vibrant.  Our immigrant neighbors have a vital role to play in our future success.  I'm proud to stand with them.

Renewed Commitment to Civic Engagement  [Full Statement

It is time to reboot the Arlington Way with a renewed focus on pushing the decision-making "down and out" from the County Board to the people.  The best decisions are rooted in our shared values, based on transparent evidence, and are informed by a full range of perspectives. Honest public engagement that seeks all voices is essential.

Sierra Club Endorsement [Full Statement

In recognition of my leadership on clean energy, transportation, planning and smart growth, the importance of green space, and recycling, the Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club has endorsed me.  Follow the link to see my complete responses to their questions.