Erik Gutshall on the need for a 4th High School

I'd like to be very clear on my support for excellent schools in Arlington, including a possible 4th High School:

With three daughters who will be in high school from 2018 - 2027, I am 100% committed to finding the space that our students need and working together with the School Board and the JFAC to find the right solutions.

I have repeatedly acknowledged that it is highly likely that the School Board will determine a 4th comprehensive high school is needed and I will be their fully engaged partner prepared to explore every county property, every school property, every land deal, every commercial property, every possible opportunity to make that a reality. Collaboration with the School Board as a County Board member means letting the School Board decide what is best for students.

I am running to be a voice on the County Board for getting in front of our capacity crisis with a plan to squeeze the most out of our limited land and dollars. We need a 20-yr comprehensive plan that lays out for the entire community a complete picture of how all of our school and community facilities like fire stations, parks, and senior centers will fit together. Instead of bouncing from one isolated and combative decision to the next, all interests can see how a particular site fits into a total and equitable county-wide solution.