"Get to Yes" Culture of County Government

While Arlington enjoys an extraordinary professional staff in our county government, too often criticisms of bureaucratic "red tape," wasteful inefficiency, and frustrating indifference ring true.  Necessary regulations, rules, and procedures derive from the best of intentions, but if promulgated without careful attention to the true mission can degrade customer service.  Arlingtonians deserve a "Get to Yes" customer service culture from our County government so that residents and businesses get straightforward, consistent, accountable, and accurate service. 

I believe County government must see itself as a learning organization, one that is not afraid to recognize error and pursue constant improvement.  Whether it’s a group of neighbors that want to open a childcare co-op, a senior who needs to retrofit her home to age-in-place, or a café owner who wants to put out a sidewalk sign to drum up a lunch crowd, County employees should be empowered to help their customers "get to yes" as quickly as possible while serving the public interest.

As a County Board Member, I will work hard to:

  • Establish a “Get to Yes” culture of customer service at all levels of county government.
  • Insist that every county government service delivery area track and regularly report key customer service metrics, and provide for clear points of contact for parks, planning, transportation, environmental services, and public safety. We must ensure that service areas are responsive, timely, and helpful.
  • Expand the County’s Open Data Portal to improve transparency and accountability while empowering citizens to drive evidence-based decisions.
  • Ensure that residents and businesses can reliably get straightforward, consistent, accountable accurate customer service answers from the organization--every day, regardless of who you are. New information and management technologies are available here to help make this happen.
  • Reinforce a commitment to transparency in government by voluntarily releasing information that is otherwise discoverable via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.