Transportation: Metro and Beyond

While Metro has been a major catalyst for growth and prosperity, decades of underfunding and mismanagement have left the system in crisis.  Our transportation priority MUST be to fix Metro.  Standing by and watching the cycle of service cuts, fare hikes, and declining ridership is unacceptable. 

To stop a Metro “death spiral” I support a renegotiated WMATA Compact, new dedicated funding and a well-thought out plan that clearly shows that our investment dollars are being used wisely.  Therefore, I will call for a Metro Summit of regional partners to construct a way forward.  In particular, we must ensure safety, provide the riding public with reliable, interconnected transit options that increase ridership, and control costs through sound business practice.  The negotiations will be difficult and complex.  But if we act in good faith, in the interests of all, we will save Metro.

While fixing Metro must be our first priority, it alone will not meet the transportation challenges of tomorrow.   I support investing in a 21st Century transportation network - one that gives YOU and your neighbors the broadest range of choices possible, as you move around and beyond Arlington. While many of us go to work outside of Arlington every day -- and need good transit choices that cross jurisdictions-- we also all shop, eat, and play in Arlington. I know personally that having options that fit our diverse lifestyles is critical to our quality of life.

  • As a busy parent, I know that the family car is sometimes the best carpool there is.
  • As someone whose parent lives nearby, I know that ensuring she can drive easily to doctor appointments, shopping and places to meet friends is an important part of her independent lifestyle.
  • As a member of the Doorways for Women and Families Board, I know that public transportation that is frequent and affordable is essential for our neighbors of lesser means.
  • As a former civic association president, I know that it takes collaboration among neighbors - who may have diverse views - to create balance in parking, walking, biking and driving infrastructure as we improve safety on neighborhood streets.
  • As busy Metro-corridor resident, I know how important it is for our quality of life that the County commit to and fund robust transit that comes every few minutes on efficient routes that connect grocery and drug stores, libraries, community centers and parks to our homes.
  • Like every small business owner, I know how important it is for my company trucks to get to our clients quickly, minimizing costly drive time.
  • And I know that those who bike or walk are getting great exercise, helping to reduce emissions and increasing Arlington's sustainability.
  • As a former Transportation Commissioner, I worked to ensure that our Master Transportation Plan addressed both commuting and moving within Arlington.

As a County Board member I will:

  • Champion opportunities to work with private the private sector to develop innovative, micro-pilot projects, such as Autonomous Vehicles for short-distance, multi-person routes.
  • Fight to ensure that bus routes on Columbia Pike contribute to the achievement of our Main Street vision by providing frequent 6-10 minute service 18-hours a day, that provide transportation options for our diverse population;
  • Explore transferring responsibility for bus service out of WMATA control to individual jurisdictions like Arlington; 
  • Support the creation in key locations of more dedicated bike lanes (e.g. N. Quincy, S. 9th and 12th streets) and at Capital BikeShare stations;
  • Push the County to explore bus vendors who provide vehicles that are as quiet as possible, both inside the bus and on the street;
  • Actively involve neighborhoods in the early review and discussion of the transportation projects included in the 10-year Capital Investment Plan (CIP).