Why I Support Erik for County Board

Barbara Favola - Virginia Senator, 31st District  

"Erik Gutshall is a proven, results-driven leader who will bring a fresh perspective to the board. He has deep roots in the community and a passion for making Arlington an inclusive and welcoming community. We can trust Erik to put Arlington's shared progressive values into action."

Alfonso Lopez - Virginia Delegate, 49th District  

"Erik Gutshall has the experience, passion, and progressive values that Arlingtonians deserve from their County Board members. Erik's extensive experience in transportation, planning and entrepreneurship will bring a unique voice to the County Board, and I trust Erik to fight every day for all Arlingtonians."​

Rip Sullivan - Virginia Delegate, 48th District

"Erik's impressive resume as a small business owner and community activist will bring a valuable voice to the County Board.As a father of children enrolled in Arlington County's public schools, Erik understands the importance of supporting our public schools. As an entrepreneur, Erik appreciates strong financial stewardship. Finally, as a civic leader, Erik respects the value of broad community input."

Jay Fisette - Current Chair, County Board and Member, 1997-2017

“For nearly 20 years it has been my honor to serve this wonderful community Bob and I call home. I have never made any endorsement lightly, and I have given particular consideration to this one. The field is taking shape and I know and respect each of the candidates. That said, I firmly believe that Erik Gutshall combines the community experience, commitment to core progressive values, and personal style and skills to serve our dynamic and diverse community at this time. The board will benefit from Erik’s years of civic and community leadership, his knowledge and expertise in planning and environmental sustainability, and his experience as a small business owner and parent. Further, Erik has a strong character and serious vision for what he wants our community to be in the future. I would feel especially confident in Arlington’s future with Erik on the County Board, and I couldn’t be prouder to endorse his candidacy.”

Walter Tejada - Former County Board Member, 2003-2015 

"Small, locally-owned businesses are the heart and soul of Arlington.  As a small business owner himself, Erik is best positioned to support other entrepreneurs, including minority- and women-owned businesses. Through his service in our community and on the board of Doorways for Women and Families, I also know Erik to be an outspoken advocate for vulnerable and underserved Arlingtonians. With the nation's anti-immigrant despot just across the river, I know Erik will be a loud and proud voice for all of Arlington's families on the County Board."

Elaine Furlow - Former School Board Member

"I like working with Erik because he's a plain-talking leader with both common sense and vision. Erik seeks out divergent views, then guides the best decision possible without getting mired in bureaucracy or passing the buck. That's my kind of leader."

Paul Holland - Former Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Commission 

"For years, parks and open space advocates have sought a champion on the County Board.  Erik Gutshall will be that champion.  As Chairman of the Planning Commission and former President of Lyon Park Civic Association, he has a strong record of fighting for parks open space.  This leadership is why I'm proud to support Erik for Arlington County Board.

Eric Harold - Former Barcroft Civic Association President 

"Erik’s support and commitment to making Arlington a better place for all Arlingtonians is second to none. His practical approach to problem solving will be an asset to the community during the challenging times ahead."  

Mary Detweiler - Longtime Arlingtonian and Community Activist

"Erik’s knowledge of Arlington issues, his “roll-up-your-sleeves” energy for getting things done in our community, and his passion for values that many of us in Arlington share win my support. An example of Erik’s work ethic for our community values is displayed in his being a tireless and fair-minded chair of the task force on lighting an Williamsburg Middle School, earning him respect on all sides of controversial issues. I invite others to join me in supporting Erik.

Susan Robinson - Retired Assistant Superintendent, Arlington Public Schools and Member, Lyon Park Center Board of Governors  

"As Lyon Park Citizens Association President, Board of Governors member and community volunteer, Erik demonstrated his leadership skills, stragetic vision and ability to work through a variety of neighborhood issues. His early recognition of the need for capital maintenance and renovation of the Lyon Park Community Center was followed by many hours of collaborative participation to make it happen."

Michael Shea - Longtime Arlingtonian and Community Activist 

"Arlington is very lucky to have several highly qualified candidates for County Board this year and I am supporting Erik Gutshall as the best of the best. Erik has the leadership experience from the Planning Commission, nonprofit management, and his neighborhood civic association to be an effective member from his first day on the County Board. Two things Erik does really well, seek balance and compromise while supporting bold visions and new approaches, are what we need in Arlington to meet our many challenges." 

John Seymour - Longtime Arlingtonian and Community Activist 

"I’ve worked closely with Erik over the past 18 months as part of the Williamsburg Lights Working Group. Erik served as Chair of the Working Group and I participated as representative of the Environment and Energy Conservation Commission. Erik’s civil and respectful manner throughout a sometimes contentious process promoted both collegiality and a careful consideration of each party’s points of view. Under Erik’s patient leadership, the Working Group devoted countless hours to the production of a balanced, well-documented, and thorough final report. In my view, Erik’s election to the County Board would enhance the kind of participatory, thoughtful, and local decision-making I experienced as a Working Group member and so often described as The Arlington Way." 

Steve Sockwell - Former Planning Commissioner 

"Erik has a unique combination of experiences -- civic leader, businessman, environmentalist, and volunteer. On the Planning Commission, he asks the right questions and has never been afraid to challenge established views and opinions. I have benefited greatly from his insights and observations, and Arlington will benefit greatly with Erik on the County Board."

Gillian Burgess - Bicycle Advocate  

"I support Erik because of his commitment to long-range planning, smart growth and open community discussions. In our growing and changing community, we need Erik's leadership to navigate the gowth of our schools, our transportation network and our comunity servies in a way that servces everyone efficiently. I'm also excited by the prospect of a small business owner and a dad of APS kids on the Board."

Jason Rylander - Former Chair, APS Advisory Council on School Facilities and Capital Programs  

"Erik Gutshall's focus wil be to ensure south Arlingtonians have excellent transit to move them in and around thier neighborhoods.  He has repeatedly said that the streetcar is a settled issue and that he has no interest in re-litigating it.  He is ready to turn the page on this debate and the divisieness of the past.  He's committed to a vibrant future for all of Arlington."

Kathleen McSweeney - Schools Activist and Planning Commissioner

"Erik is a proven leader who doesn't shy away from difficult questions. He will bring a unique mix of businessman, planner, civic leader and parent to decisions at the County Board table.  While the County and School Boards have recently made tremendous strides in partnering, we're going to need Erik's skills and experience to expand the partnership and meet our land use challenges."